A sexual health programme for secondary school students.

A theatre in education programme, consisting of a theatre performance and an interactive workshop.

THETA currently has an agreement with the Ministry of Health to deliver Sexwise to:

Rangatahi/youth across New Zealand in Year 9 - 13 schools and alternative education, with a focus on North Island low decile (1-6) schools and schools with a high percentage of Māori and Pacific Island students.

The Sexwise performance and workshop aims to get you involved and chat about:
  • problem solving and strategies to deal with wellbeing related to sexual activity
  • social interactions: friendships; building relationships; sexual attraction, influences and pressures
  • risks and challenges; informed decision-making; safer sexual practices
  • issues of self-worth and empowerment, individuality and accepting responsibility
  • attitudes and stereotypes; tolerance and prejudice; diversity and sexual orientation
  • rights and responsibilities; ethical issues
  • health services and student support.
The Sexwise show is made up of:
  • A 50 minute play
  • A 50 minute workshop

So in order to complete the program, you'll need to do both - here's some more detail below:

  1. Theatre Component:
    A performance with songs, humour and drama. It focuses on four ‘typical’ high school teens and follows their developing relationships. Unresolved questions in the narrative are carried over to the workshop, during which your students discuss issues and behaviours and provide real advice to the fictitious characters.

  2. Workshop Component:
    Interactive theatre based activities that promote questioning and discussion, enabling students to explore and reflect on behaviour that impacts on sexual health and wellbeing.
    It is essential that all students participating in the programme attend this workshop. 


Support Directory

There are many places you can go to for advice and sexual health services in New Zealand but remember: the only 'Sexwise' associated with us is the workshop and performance you participated in (and this website).

Here's a list of places we recommend you check out if you need to know something, or require other sexual health services.

Support Directory

For Teachers and Parents

To challenge and motivate rangatahi/youth to discuss, explore and reflect on behaviours that affect their health and that of others, with reference to current accurate information.

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